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132chapter1homework - audit 6 Is an auditing firm required...

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YOUR NAME YOUR PERM# ECON 132 CLASS TIME CHAPTER 1 HOMEWORK 1) Please name and briefly describe the three forms of attestation engagements. 2) Does an independent CPA apply auditing procedures in connection with the performance of a review engagement. (Yes/ No) 3) Who is responsible for the fair presentation of financial statements? 4) The risk that a company will survive and be profitable is referred to as? 5) Is an auditing firm responsible for the detection of fraud in connection with an
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Unformatted text preview: audit? 6) Is an auditing firm required to specifically address fraud during the performance of an audit engagement? 7) Name the entity with regulatory responsibility for audits of SEC registrants. 8) Name the entity with regulatory responsibility for audits of non SEC-Registrants in accordance with US Generally Accepted Auditing Standards....
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