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MicroExam 2 - relationship to look like(answer this before...

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Micro-Exam 2 ESM 206B Winter 2008 Once you read this file, you may not ask for help from your peers or the instructors, nor may you discuss with them any of the concepts from the first problem set. If you have a question about how to run the software, you may ask your instructors (not your peers). Your solution is due to Heather by 2 PM on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Please email your answers to her or put a hard copy of your answers in her mailbox. Good luck!
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In class, we looked at the relationship between a country’s “invadedness” (measured as the fraction of plant species in the country that are exotic – “Prop_exotic” in ExoticSpecies.xls) and the human population density. Now we are going to look at another possible socioeconomic factor that might influence biological invasions: per- capita gross domestic product (“GDP” in ExoticSpecies.xls). 1. (15 points) Do you expect that GDP might affect the proportion of species in a country that are exotic? Why or why not? If so, what do you expect the
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Unformatted text preview: relationship to look like? (answer this before you look at the data) 2. (10 points) What is the linear correlation between the proportion of exotic species and the per-capita GDP? 3. (25 points) Write down a regression equation relating these two variables. Identify: a. The dependent and independent variables b. The parameters c. The residuals 4. (25 points) Use the software of your choice to estimate the parameters of the model you developed in (3). Report each of the quantities we discussed in class: coefficient of determination, parameter estimates and their uncertainties, standard deviation of the residuals, and P-values (state what those P-values represent). Don’t simply paste the output of the software into your report. 5. (25 points) Use the results from part 4 to answer the question, “All else being equal, if a country’s per-capita GDP doubled from $5000/person to $10000/person, by how much would we expect the fraction of exotic species to increase?”...
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MicroExam 2 - relationship to look like(answer this before...

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