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Physics 25 Final Information Harry Nelson The Final is 8am, Wednesday, June 11 in 1640 Broida Instructions: Bring blue books. Calculators and two pages of notes allowed. No textbooks allowed. Please make your work neat, clear, and easy to follow. It is hard to grade sloppy work accurately. Generally, make a clear diagram, and label quantities. Make it clear what you think is known, and what is unknown and to be solved for. Except for extremely simple problems, derive symbolic answers, and then plug in numbers (if necessary) after a symbolic answer is available. Put a box around your final answer. .. otherwise
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Unformatted text preview: we may be confused about which answer you really mean, and you could lose credit. 1. One Problem from this group of topics: (a) Magnetic Induction and Inductance (b) LR, LRC Circuits (c) Energy in Inductance 2. One Problem from from this group of topics: (a) Electromagnetic Waves (b) Dielectrics 3. One Problem from this group of topics: (a) Phase/Group Velocity (b) Diffraction/Interference 4. One Problem from Snell’s Law/Optical Devices 5. One Problem From this group of topics: (a) Bohr Atom (b) Photons (c) de Broglie Wavelength 6. One problem involving a square-well type bound state....
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