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p10 - Physics 25 Problem Set 10 Harry Nelson due Wednesday...

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Physics 25 Problem Set 10 Harry Nelson due Wednesday, June 11 at the final (8am) Please make your work neat, clear, and easy to follow. It is hard to grade sloppy work accurately. Generally, make a clear diagram, and label quantities. Derive symbolic answers, and then plug in numbers after a symbolic answer is available. 1. Design an infinite square well that traps an electron, where the difference in energy between the ground and first excited states is just right to emit a photon with a wavelength of 4.27 μ m. This photon wavelength is just right to be absorbed by CO 2 , and absorption of this photon is therefore just right to monitor atmospheric CO 2 concentrations, for example, due to global warming. (a) What should be the width of the square well, in nanometers? (b) What are the energies of the ground and first excited states, in eV? (c) What are the normalized wavefunctions of the first and second excited states? (d) Suppose there is an initial state where at t = 0 the probability of finding the electron in
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