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Unformatted text preview: Physics 115A First Problem Set Harry Nelson Office Hours Tu 1:30-3:30pm TA: Antonio Boveia due Monday, January 13, 2003 1. Exercise 1.1.2, p. 3 of your text. 2. Exercise 1.1.5, p. 5 of your text. 3. Imagine 3 abstract vectors, |V , |W , and |Z . The inner products are W |V = 2 and Z|V = 5. Let the (complex) numbers a = 1 + 3i and b = 2 - 4i. Evaluate, numerically, the inner product of the resultant vector |aW + bZ = a|W + b|Z with |V ; this inner product can also be written as aW + bZ|V . 4. Exercise 1.3.2, p. 16 of your text. 1 ...
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