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Addendum to Homework2 - peak is split into a doublet with a...

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Addendum to Homework-2: The SDBS webpage and the Friebolin book that the lecture is based on are inconsistent for the 1H chemical shifts of benzylalkohol. So, please use following peaklist. Assume you have a center frequency of 7.3ppm for the aromatic protons, and assume it’s a singlet peak. The CH2 protons of the alcohol have a center chemical shift of 4.68ppm. Assume the
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Unformatted text preview: peak is split into a doublet with a J coupling constant of 6 Hz Assume the alcohol proton has a center chemical shift of 1.80 ppm and is split into a triplet with J coupling constant of 7.5 Hz. Base the calculations on above assumptions....
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