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Unformatted text preview: Western Perceptions and Orientalism Japan in the Western Mind Tokugawa regime (16031868) Perry (1853) Ideas about Japan change with time but echo several themes Mysterious/Different Japan as... Exotic/Fascinating Japonisme (1850s1880s) Noble, closer to "truth," untainted by Modernity Erotic Submissive Feminine Perverse? Men as impotent Dangerous Japanese are seen as untrustworthy, sneaky, bloodthirsty automatons. In many cases they are seen as killing machines out to dominate the world. Orientalism Prejudicial interpretations Near and far Eastern culture Edward Said--Orientalism 1978 History West vs. East Civilized Greece vs. Barbarian Persians European colonialism over Asia and Africa Christianity vs. Paganism Said: A Western style for dominating, restructuring, and having authority over the Orient "Opens" Japan to the West WWII Rebuilds/Occupies Japan Economic ally and Competitor American Orientalism and Japan Orientalism in pop culture Otaku Japan as other http://thatvideosite.voxcdn Carey's experience ...
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