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12-BeaconSearches - Digital pinpointing can be more...

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3/26/2008 1 1 All digital All Analog Digital and Analog BC AccessTracker DTS Ortovox F1 Mammut/Barryvox Opto 3000 Pieps DSP PiepsOptiFinder Mammut/Barryvox Pulse Pieps Freeride Ortovox S1 2 Digital Analog less practice needed greater range can be less confusing for multiple burials can be faster for multiple burials have two or three antennas better pin point 3 Digital Analog pinpointing can be more difficult 1 antenna less range require considerably more practice greater cost No “auto” switchback to send mode 4 www.beaconreviews.com See section on multiple antennas & multiple burials 5 see pgs. 249 252 3 rd edition of The Avalanche Handbook Multiple antennas reduce spikes when antenna is aligned with flux line 6
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3/26/2008 2 Older beacons used ceramic oscillators (Ortovox F1 and F2). Pre 2001ANENA (Association Nationale pour l’Étude de la Neige et des Avalanches)/FCC standard 457 kHz +/ 100 Hz. Newer beacons use crystal oscillators. 2001 standards, 457 kHz +/ 80 Hz. Can be a problem at lower temperatures, (Ortovox F1). Most manufacturers will refurbish circuitry for a
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