midterm2003 - ECE ECE145C (undergrad) and ECE218c...

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ECE ECE145C (undergrad) and ECE218c (graduate) Mid-Term Exam. Nov 13, 2003 Do not open exam until instructed to. Open book Use any and all reasonable approximations (5% accuracy is fine. ) , AFTER STATING THEM. Name: _______________________ 1
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You will be using the device model below: cbi C bb R be C ' ' e b m V g be R ex R + - ' ' e b V cbx C f m depl be be g C C τ + = , . Cje=14 fF, beta=infinity, Ccbi=2.2 fF, Ccb_total=4.3 fF, Rbb=21 Ohms, Rex=4 Ohms, and tau_f=0.44 ps. This transistor model has 2.5 um^2 emitter area The transistors have a Vbe=0.9 Volts when operating at 2.0 mA/um^2. You will be working on the circuit below. Please note that because the exam is open- book, the circuit is by necessity somewhat unusual. -Vout/2 Vindc Vin/2 Rgen RL Q1a Q2a I1 I2 Vindc -Vin/2 Rgen Vout/2 Q1b Q2b I1 The circuit diagram is 100% mirror-symmetric. All transistors are 2.5 um^2 emitter area I1=I2=I3=5mA, RL=200 Ohms, Rf=Rgen=50 Ohms. Vindc=500 mV (e.g. the inputs are at -500 mVdc). 2
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midterm2003 - ECE ECE145C (undergrad) and ECE218c...

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