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LogisticsEquipment - ESM 236 Logistics Lodging and Food...

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ESM 236 Logistics Lodging and Food Sleeping, eating, and lectures are at the Dormitory at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (SNARL), off Highway 395 near Convict Creek. The six dorm rooms each sleep five (two sets of bunks plus a loft) so you can spread out a little. The kitchen has a Wolf range and two refrigerators. Bring your own food for breakfast and lunch. We’ll assign cooks for each night for com- munal dinners. Directions Heading north on Highway 395, go past the Crowley Lake and McGee Creek turnoffs. Shortly after McGee Creek, the highway climbs a hill, and there is a Caltrans yard on the right. Take the next left, Mt. Morrison Rd. If you get to the Whitmore turnoff, with a green church at the corner, you have gone about ½ mile too far. SNARL is 1 mile from the highway. The dorm is the first building on the left. If you’re coming from the north, follow Highway 395 past the Mammoth Lakes turnoff, the airport turnoff (on the left), and the Convict Lake turnoff (on the right). Mt. Morrison Rd. is the first right after the Convict Lake turnoff.
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