ESM282-Syllabus-W08 - Industrial Ecology (ESM282) Syllabus,...

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Industrial Ecology (ESM282) Syllabus, Winter 2008 Time: Room: Bren Hall 1424 Reading: To be done for the following session Assignments: There will be 4 assignments Exams: There will be no final exam Instructor: Roland Geyer Contact: Bren Hall 3426, extension 7234, [email protected] Office hours: Date Session 1: Introduction to Industrial Ecology January 14 Topics: History and definition of Industrial Ecology Case study: Beverage containers Course content Reading: K Rosselot & D T Allen (2001) Life cycle concepts, product steward- ship and green engineering, Chapter 13 in: Green Engineering, Session 2: Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) January 16 Topics: Case study: Beverage containers cont. History and definition of LCA Goal and scope definition Hand out 1 st assignment Reading: Guinée J B (Ed.) (2002) Handbook on Life Cycle Assessment, Opera- tional Guide to the ISO Standards, Kluwer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Part 3: Scientific Background, pp 62-109 Session 3: Inventory Analysis (LCI) I January 23 Topics: Functional unit and reference flows Flow diagrams and inventory tables System boundaries 1 st assignment due Reading: Ekvall & Finnveden (2001) Allocation in ISO 14041 – a critical review, J. of Cleaner Production 9(2001): 197-208 Page 1 of 4
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Session 4: Inventory Analysis (LCI) II January 28 Topics: Co-production/multi-functionality Allocation
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ESM282-Syllabus-W08 - Industrial Ecology (ESM282) Syllabus,...

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