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Problem Set 8 Chemistry 154A/254A: Quantum Chemistry Professor Song-I Han Teaching Assistant: Wang, Xiqing (Francis) Office: Chemistry 3223 Office: Chem 1126/ Dahlquist Lab (1 th floor) Office hours: Tue, Th 4-5 pm Office hours: Wed 1-2 pm and Fr 4-5pm Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] 1. You have performed a standard 1D 1 H NMR experiment and obtained a crowded spectrum with overlapping chemical shifts as well as difficult to assign multiplets originating from J couplings. Please provide >3 different approaches that will help you to assign the chemical shifts and resolve the J couplings to help you determine the molecular structure . At least one of the approaches should be the use of a specific 2D NMR sequence. Please provide details for each of your suggestion, by
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Unformatted text preview: providing detailed descriptions and explanation for your suggested approach. For the 2D sequence, write down the pulse sequence, provide an explanation based on the vector model (on the example of an AX spin system) and a suggestion of what type of 2D plot you would obtain. 2. Find ANY homonuclear or heteronuclear 2D COSY spectrum in the web or in the literature (with the exception of the Friebolin book) and explain what you see. Provide the molecular structure of the compound and the 2D COSY spectrum, and explain in detail what information you obtain from this spectrum . While you can work together with your friends and colleagues, please make sure to not provide the exactly same example....
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