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ESM 206C schedule Spring 2008

ESM 206C schedule Spring 2008 - Guikema& Melke...

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ESM 206C schedule Spring 2008 Lectures Tues/Thurs 8:00-9:15, May 6 – 29 (4 weeks) Labs weeks of May 14 – June 5 Office hours: Bruce: Tue 11AM – 12PM Wed 10:30 – 11:30AM Heather: W 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Th 12 - 1pm Lecture schedule: WeekDay Date Topic Readings* 6 Tue 6-May Welcome back; logistic regression Fox 15.1 (29 pp.; 15.1.5 for math geeks only); HH 15.1-15.2 6 Thurs 8-May Logistic Regression 7 Tue 13-MayBootstrapping Fox 16.1 (22 pp.); Moore & McCabe, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, ch. 14 (Moore14.pdf on course directory) 7 Thurs 15-MayBootstrapping 8 Tue 20-MayNonlinear regression 8 Thurs 22-MaySurvey design 9 Tue 27-MaySpatial statistics 9 Thurs 29-MayMulticriteria decision analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Guikema & Melke 1999 (guikema1999.pdf); Linkov et al. 2004 (ArmyPaper_Oct31.pdf); Chp3_multicriteria%20decision%20analysis.pdf * “HH” is Helsel & Hirsh, linked on the course webpage; “Fox” is another statistics textbook; scans of the relevant sections are in the course directory (R:\Spring2008\ESM 206B\). Other readings are also posted here. Microexams will be due on Tuesday May 27 and Monday June 9. The first microexam will cover logistic regression and bootstrapping; the second will involve describing a potential data analysis for your group project....
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