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UCSB Hist 133C, Spring 2007 Germany since 1945 www.history.ucsb.edu/faculty/marcuse/classes/133c Prof. Marcuse HSSB 4221, 893-2635 [email protected] Hist 133c Final Examination, 2007 This final exam is a word-limited take-home, due in my office , 4221 HSSB, at the end of the regular exam time: Thu, June 14, 3pm . If you submit earlier and I am not there, slide your exam under my door , do NOT leave it in the envelope. All answers must be typed, and a word count inserted in brackets at the end of each ID and of the essay (see example at end of this paragraph). In Microsoft Word, highlight each ID or essay answer, then use the T ools > W ord Count command. The exam is worth 25% of the final grade. [102 words] I. Identify and define the significance (3 @ 15 points each=45% of the exam grade) Identify and define the significance of three of the following six terms. Your identification should include an approximate date, which should situate the event correctly in relation to other important events. Take special care to
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