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UCSB Hist 133C, Spring 2007 Germany since 1945 Prof. Marcuse [email protected] H IST 133C: B OOK E SSAY A SSIGNMENT Proposal with reviews (due Apr. 25 --note changed due date ) §1. What should I write about? How do I find an appropriate book? Think about post-1945 Germany--what's interesting to you about it? Look though the syllabus and textbook for ideas. Once you've thought of some topics, look through the list on the Suggested Books for Essay page on the course website, and pick a book. If you can't find one you like: Go to the library and browse the shelves--the DD256.5-DD259 are the main relevant call numbers. Search amazon for these titles or with keywords; following the "recommendations" and "also bought" links leads to more titles. If you have trouble thinking of a topic, or finding a book for a topic, please come to talk to me— sooner, not later! §2. What kind of books are suitable? I would prefer that you select academic/scholarly works of history, and not anthologies or fiction, although I sometimes make exceptions. Most memoirs , diaries and biographies are fine as well. §3. What should my proposal look like? The purpose of the proposal is to find a suitable book on your topic of interest. It has three main elements: 1. a descriptive title that indicates the main theme you are interested in. 2. a short description and explanation of your topic, including an explicit list of questions that you want to find out about and hope the book will address. 3.
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133c07BookEssay - UCSB Hist 133C Spring 2007 Germany since...

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