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Unformatted text preview: Syllabus: ESM 242 - Natural Resource Economics & Policy Spring, 2007 Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-9:45 Professor: Christopher Costello (893-5802, Office Hours: Tuesday 9:45-11:00 0.1 Course Description In Natural Resource Economics and Policy (ESM 242) we will study a wide range natural resource allocation problems. The course introduces students to the principles, reasoning, and techniques required to set-up and solve these allocation problems. Policy will serve as both an input and an implicated output of this approach. The economic tools developed are applied to renewable resources, exhaustible resources, water, pollution, conservation planning, and other contemporary problems. The first third of the course is devoted to learning the basic principles and tools required to analyze natural resource management problems. The second third of the course consists of several case studies of contemporary renewable and non-renewable natural resource problems, along the lines of “mini” Bren School group projects. The final third of the course will be lead by students, who will present their term projects (see below). 0.2 Prerequisites & Workload The course presumes a solid understanding of calculus, statistics, and economics. If your under- standing of math and statistics is shaky, but still want to take the course, you can familiarize yourself with the concepts by reading the relevant introductory material on these topics in a math- ematics text (such as Chiang. Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics ). An intermediate microeconomics course (such as ESM 204) is also a prerequisite. It is assumed that you have amicroeconomics course (such as ESM 204) is also a prerequisite....
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syllabusnew - Syllabus ESM 242 Natural Resource...

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