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Problem Set 4 Answers

Problem Set 4 Answers - Problem Set 4 Chemistry 154A/254A...

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Problem Set 4 Chemistry 154A/254A: Quantum Chemistry Professor Song-I Han Teaching Assistant: Wang, Xiqing (Francis) Office: Chemistry 3223 Office: Chem 1126/ Dahlquist Lab (1 th floor) Office hours: Tue, Th 4-5 pm Office hours: Wed 1-2 pm and Fr 4-5pm Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] temporarily Mark Lingwood ( [email protected] ) 1. (4) Look up the 13 C NMR spectrum of Acetone on SDBS. The spectrum on SDBS was taken with broadband 1 H decoupling. Draw what you would expect if you took a spectrum without any 1 H decoupling. The spectrum with decoupling has two singlets, whereas the spectrum without decoupling will have a singlet for the carboxy peak and a quartet for the methyl peaks, caused by the protons attached to the carbons. Also accepted were answers that had the carboxy peak as a septet, split by the methyl protons, as long as the J values of this splitting were less than the J values of the methyl quartet.
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