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Homework 3 2008

Homework 3 2008 - ESM 211 Homework 3 Due Friday Feb 15...

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ESM 211 Homework 3 Due Friday, Feb. 15. Prairie bush-clover ( Lespedeza leptostachya ) is federally listed as threatened under the endangered species act. It occurs in prairie remnants throughout the upper Midwestern US. You will be analyzing census data that have been collected from a number of sites in Illinois – for the purpose of this exercise, assume that the populations are independent of one another. Here is the description of the census methods, provided by Dr. Pati Vitt at the Chicago Botanic Garden: A group of 7-10 people line up about 1 meter apart along a transect of a known population, slowly walking through the habitat where the species is known to occur. Several sweeps are conducted until the area known to be inhabited is covered in a similar manner. Each person counts any and all plants encountered. They are fairly distinct, particularly in well managed (ie: burned biennially) sites. One person keeps a running total of all plants encountered, categorized according to life history stage: sterile, subadult (small plants with few flowers) and adults. Very small plants, as well as juveniles, are not encountered using this method,
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