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Climate-Friendly Mutual Fund You work for the California International Group (CIG), an investment company. Your boss has asked you to look into the company offering customers a new kind of mutual fund. 1 The fund will be a US fund (focusing on US companies in the S&P 500 index) but its selling point is that it will only contain “Climate Leaders” – companies that perform well in terms of impact on climate change. You recall that this is quite similar to a Bren School Group Project in 2006-7, Climate Fund (or full report ). Your boss wants your assessment of how the fund might be structured and whether it will be attractive to investors. Data sources: Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) report on US stocks . Historic returns on specific US stocks in G D P Implicit Price Deflator (inflation measure) To do what your boss has asked you to do, you need to identify the companies that do well from a climate perspective and might do well if climate changes or regulations tighten up. You would want to
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