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What is the nature of politics and power?           Politics is power and power is the ability of one person  to get another to behave in a certain manner.  The three  parts of politics are: the distribution of power, management  of conflicts, and collective actions.   Discuss the contradictions and conflicts of political parties?           Contradictions include the support of the ideology of  the public, yet when it comes to running a candidate, the  candidate may represent various policy initiatives that the  entire party does not support, yet these initiatives will rally  the support of the swing vote.  One of the conflicts of political 
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Unformatted text preview: parties is whether greater support can be drawn from a candidate that more tightly represents the ideology of the party or the candidate who can capture more of the median vote What do parties do? Act as intermediaries between citizens and government, nominate candidates, contest elections, organize government, provide accountability, manage conflict Discuss how parties act as intermediaries. Parties organize participation, aggregate interests, serve as a link between social forces and the government...
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