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Midterm I Preparation Guide (Chem 111, Spring 2008) The first midterm will test your knowledge and understanding of topics and techniques that we have covered so far. Some of the important topics that you should know are: 1) Introductory topics a. The importance of kinetics in technology and everyday life b. The role of kinetics in understanding reaction mechanisms c. The goal and scope of kinetic studies 2) Rate laws, reaction order and reaction mechanisms a. The definition of reaction rate as the rate of change of concentrations with time b. Differential and integrated forms of rate laws c. Differential and integral methods for determination of reaction order d. Initial rates method: advantages and issues e. Elementary and complex reactions f. Reaction molecularity and reaction order 3) Traditional ways to measure rates of not very fast reactions a. Sample the reaction in time: Separate and quantitate approaches b. Continuous detection as the reaction proceeds: Optical methods c. Calculation of concentrations from absorbance in two-component system
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