POSC 365 Midterm Review

POSC 365 Midterm Review - POSC 365 Midterm Review Mosca o o...

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POSC 365 Midterm Review Mosca o A political determinist o From Sicily o Opposes Marx’s theory o Revised the Italian study of leadership o Divided humanity into two categories 1) The Rulers o Want to do ‘good’ o Environment and biological-self 2) The Ruled o Want to be happy o Want a leader to do ‘good’ for them Determinants of Power o Personality and society milieu o Essential together to form leadership and owned power o Experience ruling o Amount of unbiased information o Communication o The ability to communicate with society o Policies o The policies the ruler makes will affect his power o Timing and tactics o Need to know when and how to act o Legitimacy o When the right to power is chosen by society o Staffing o Leader chooses a staff depending on the true or perceived needs of the office o Nature v. nurture o Creates the behavior of the leader and his decision-making Pareto o A student of Mosca o An elite theorist o Opposed to Marx o Believes the elite need to strategize in order to avoid revolutions from the lower class o Need to renew themselves o Should represent the people so the legitimacy can be raised o Expand the Second Stratum where it is said to recruit the elite to all masses, then have people retire A filter of elites Military Industrial Complex
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o Theory created by CW Mills o Created by the interactions between the three elite groups 1) Government 2) Economic 3) Military o When people move from sphere to sphere results in corruption Furstenspeigel o Great philosophical works that try to advise a leader o Must be composed before one assumes an advisory position o The Prince by Machiavelli is the most popular Machiavelli o An Italian beaurocrat o Wrote The Prince o Discusses how to stay in power and increase power o Need a powerful prince in order to stop chaos o The prince should seem to have good qualities Upright, merciful, resourceful, brutal when necessary Mix the best qualities of the lion and the fox 1) Power 2) Strategy o Wanted to combine the city states to stop the fighting against each other o Amoral, yet admires the influence of religion Montesquieu o Believes leaders are important at the birth of society, yet as time goes on, institutions become more powerful o Believes in democracy o Influenced the US Constitution o “Spirit of Laws” created the separation of power
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POSC 365 Midterm Review - POSC 365 Midterm Review Mosca o o...

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