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POSC423 Midterm notes - JANUARY 10 1787 Need to understand...

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JANUARY 10 1787 Need to understand in order to understand the president o Beliefs of the men in Philly o Revolutionary seal of the revolutionary activist Went up against Great Britain Powers of the president should be contested o Open to reform Would the constitution writers recognize the president position today? o Yes- federalist paper predictions No other democracy, no framework for predictions o Hamilton wanted strong authority Were over throwing the government- treason True geniuses not trying to solve all the constitution problems o Left room for evolution Revolutionary War Tyrannical rule of British monarchy Lack of determination Lack of justice and government Defining characteristic of framers- enlightenment o Man made problems= man made solutions o Freedom to think and believe Government can be made for this Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Articles of Confederation Brilliant form of government on paper/ failure in practice Problem- the lack of a unified leading power o Needed an executive position Made to provide some kind of defense Why did these enlightened men create the Articles of Confederation? o To defend against a monarchy in America Against King George Feared too strong of a single role in government Article II How the president should be elected “The executive power should be vested in the president”- vague Restrictions on who can become president o 14yrs residency o Natural born citizen Concerned about the independence of USA o 35yrs of age Provides pseudo-judiciary power for president President is chief diplomat
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o Can sign treaties Must be ratified by 2/3 of congress o Appoint ambassadors Ex: treaty of Versailles, NAFTA Chief administrator Chief executive officer o Insures that all Federal laws and regulations are enforced and abided by all US citizens JANUARY 17 President has a constitutional power to go against war that is declared by congress Constitutional convention o Delegates were in charge of reforming the Articles of Confederation o To make a new strong central government President is independent of legislature o Head of government and head of state Admins wanted to recreate a new government modeled after Great Britain o Alexander Hamilton The Men of Philadelphia Wanted the executive to respond to the will of the people Unchecked executive power was a hinderence to justice and liberty Articles of confederation had a strong legislature and weak executive The rich in independent states were a problem o Would use gold and silver to purchase items from France Nothing to back up the currency USA lost trading with others o Need a government Common attributes of the 55 men in 1787 o Lawyers or plantation owners o Wealthy o More tied to foreign trade o Need for stable currency o All wanted private property Didn’t want too strong of government but one that will protect
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POSC423 Midterm notes - JANUARY 10 1787 Need to understand...

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