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Sample questions 1) Name the putative causes of obesity and provide 3 examples of each with some details. b. What is the relationship between obesity and insulin resistance ? c. Describe three mechanisms leading to insulin resistance d. Why is obesity considered an inflammatory disease? e. Why is there a focus on subcutaneous versus visceral of obesity? 6) Describe role of LH and VMH in food intake 7) Be able to explain some of the different theories explaining regulation of food intake 8) Describe regulation and roles of peripheral signals regulating food intake 9) What is the basal metabolic rate and how is it different from resting energy expenditure 10)Be able to distinguish between catabolic and anabolic pathways 11)Define RQ and RQ for different foods sources as well as BMR, REE, kcal,
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Unformatted text preview: KJ, 12)Explain the components of daily energy expenditure 13)Describe how energy expenditure is measured 14)Describe role of central centers in food intake regulation and describe some of the results of lesion/stimulation studies 15)Name 2 orixegenic and 2 anorexigenic neurotransmitters 16)Describe the counter-regulatory actions of NPY/AGRP and POMC/CART neurons including effects on MC3 & 4 receptors 17)Describe in detail two of the theories of food intake regulation that use peripheral signals 18)Describe in detail the metabolic adaptations to fasting and the transition to starvation 19)Explain differences in starvation versus trauma response in which food intake may also be limited 20)Describe different forms of malnutrition...
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