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Chem. 1C Midterm-1 FORM A First letter of your last name: April 23, 2008 Name: Last Name First Name Perm # INSTRUCTIONS: No hats allowed. No sharing of calculators. Cell Phones, iPods, headsets, etc. must be turned off and put away. SCANTRON FORM: Use a PENCIL 1) Write your name 2) Bubble in FORM A 3) Bubble in your PERM number (7 digits only, no extra numbers) There are 4 pages, 17 questions. Each question is worth 5 points. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK on the exam. Turn in the Scantron form and your Exam . 1. Which of the following molecule has a dipole moment? a) CO 2 b) SO 3 c) SH 2 d) CH 4 2. Consider a diatomic compound with a measured dipole moment of 6.105 10 -30 C m and an inter-atomic distance of 0.917 Å. We know that if that compound displayed 100% ionic character, each atom would carry one full electron charge of 1.6 10 -19 C. In this case, what is the actual fractional charge on each atom of this compound? a) 0.8 10 -19 C b) 0.66 10 -19 C c) 5.59 10 -30 C d) 1.50 10 -19 C 3. Which of the following ions have noble gas electron configurations? a) Fe 3+ b) Cr 3+ c) Ti 4+ d) Mn 2+
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4. Which of the following compounds obeys the octet rule? a) ClF
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Midterm-1_Han_A - Chem. 1C Midterm-1 April 23, 2008 FORM A...

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