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NamingCoordinationCompounds - Rules for Naming...

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Unformatted text preview: Rules for Naming Coordination {hmpoaads I. he. with .111}r innit: oomph:mud:I the cation is fumed before the onion. 2. In namingr a mmplcx ion, the ligands are named before the metal ion. 3. In naming ligands. an o is added to the root Home of or: cotton. For example1 die halides as. ligands are called fluoro, ohloro, broom, and iodu; hydroxide is hydroxo; and cyanide is Cyano. For a neutral ligand. the meme of the mole- cule is used. with the exception of 1-110, NH;1 CD, and NO, as illustrated in Table 19.14. 4. The prefixes mono-, di—, tri-, retro, penta-, and hexa- are used to denote the number of sempfe ligands. The prefixes; bib, Eris-1 retrakisq and 5:} on are also used, t;:-1[:u:t:io|l}r For morn: complicath ligands or once: that .Ellrtmd}r contain din firth and so on. 5. The oxidation state of the centre! medal ion is designated by a Roman na— memt to parentheses. 5. When more than one type of legend 1'5 present, ligands are named to alphabet— ical order.‘ Prefixes do not affect the order. T. If the comptex for: has a negative charge, the suffix -atc is added to the Home of the metal. Sometimes the Latin "film! 15 used to identify the metal [LEE Tah]: 19.15}. TABLE |9.|5 Latin Names Used for Sam Metal TABLE I9.” Ions in Anionic COMPIEI Ions Names uf Same Cummon Unide ntate Ligands mum“: Complex Neutral Mnlecules Anions Meta] Base Name hqua H10 Fluum F [11m Fcrratc hmmint NH: Chlnm Cl Cnppcr Cup-mt: Muthylmuine CH iNI-I; Brumu Er Lead Pllunhatc Ca rlmlwl CU [min ] Silver Argmitat: Nitrosyl HO Hydmxu DH Guld Aurare C yawn EN Tin Etannut: ...
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