Anthro 7 Practice Final 1

Anthro 7 Practice Final 1 - Summarize Sarah Hrdy's...

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Summarize Sarah Hrdy’s hypothesis that infanticide by male nonhuman primates is an adaptive strategy and a product of sexual selection. What assumptions are required by this hypothesis? What is the evidence in favor of it? Assumptions: (1) Male tenure in groups is short. (2) Lactation suppresses ovulation. (3) In a one-male group, the killer is likely to father the victim’s mother’s next infant. Therefore, males gain after take-overs by killing infants sired by previous breeding males, so as to bring the infants' mothers into estrus faster and sire their own offspring before they get thrown out in the next take-over. Evidence: (1) Males almost never kill infants likely to have been fathered by themselves; (2) Interbirth interval is shortened by infanticide; (3) Only unweaned infants are killed. Why to paleoanthropologists infer that Australopithecus afarensis walked bipedally ? List three of this species' anatomical features that lead to this inference. broad pelvis with flared-back ilium femur (thigh bone) angles in from hip to knee foramen magnum more toward center of skull big toe brought into line with other toes Some anthropologists have proposed that early Homo (H. habilis and H. rudolfensis) wasn't a formidable enough creature to hunt large animals, but may have frequently scavenged large animals . Describe two lines of evidence that have been used to evaluate this viewpoint. First, studies of modern scavengers show that scavenging is
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Anthro 7 Practice Final 1 - Summarize Sarah Hrdy's...

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