Chem 2b-syllabus

Chem 2b-syllabus - or not. You can buy one at Staples for ~...

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CHEM 2B Honors General Chemistry Winter 2007 Lecture: Wednesday and Friday from 3:00 – 4:15 pm Location: PHELP 3515 Instructor: Professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen Office: Chem 3122 Phone: (805) 893-4851 Email: Office hours : Monday and Thursday from 11 – 12 pm in Chem 3122 or by appointment. Course webpage: Course Objective: Chem. 2B is the second quarter of the three-quarter Honors Freshman Chemistry course. This class focuses on various topics in Physical Chemistry including The Laws of Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Electrochemistry, and Quantum Mechanics. Course requisition: Chem 1A or Chem 2A Textbook: Principles of Modern Chemistry by Oxtoby, Gillis and Nachtrieb, 5th Edition, Thomson Examination: - Midterm 1: Friday Feb 2, 2007 - Midterm 2: Friday Mar 2, 2007 - Final exam: Saturday March 24, 2007 from noon-3 pm
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Note: No large screen and programmable calculator is allowed during the exam. You can use only a basic scientific calculator. Check with me if you are not sure your calculator is allowed
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Unformatted text preview: or not. You can buy one at Staples for ~ $10. Homework: There will be ten problem sets given in class. They will not be collected for grading but they will be included in the quizzes during the lectures. Quiz: There will be a quiz given at beginning of each lecture so be ONTIME for the lectures and study everyday. Grading: Your course grade will be based on quizzes, two midterms, and a final exam. Homework/Quiz 20% Midterm 1 20% Midterm 2 20% Final Exam 40% Lecture Schedule Weeks 1-2 (Jan 8 Jan 19): First Law of Thermodynamics (Chapter 7) Weeks 3-4-5 (Jan 22 Feb 9): Second and Third Law of Thermodynamics (Chapter 8) Week 6 (Feb 12 Feb 16): Electrochemistry (Chapter 12) Weeks 7-8 (Feb 19 Mar 2): Chemical Kinetics (Chapter 13) Weeks 9-10 (Mar 5 Mar 16): Quantum Mechanics (Chapter 15) Online Resources:
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Chem 2b-syllabus - or not. You can buy one at Staples for ~...

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