Anthro 7 Practice MT 2

Anthro 7 Practice MT 2 - (1) According to Darwin's theory,...

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According to Darwin’s theory, what three conditions must occur in order for natural selection to occur? Describe each condition in a phrase or a complete sentence, not a single word. There must be variation among individuals. This variation must be heritable (i.e. offspring resemble their parents). There must be overproduction of offspring (more produced than can survive). (2) "Natural selection is the major force that causes evolution; but natural selection usually acts to prevent evolution." Explain this statement. As part of your explanation, be sure to define both natural selection AND evolution . Natural selection: non-random differential reproduction (or, non-random differential propagation of alleles). Evolution: descent with modification; or, changes in gene frequencies over time. Often, the current average value of a phenotypic character has higher reproductive success than either higher or lower values of the character, so selection will act against those that deviate most from the current average, and the character will remain as it is (stabilizing selection). (3) A couple has a blue-eyed child. Both parents have brown eyes. Assume that eye color is determined by a single locus with two alleles. (A) Based on this information, is the trait blue eyes dominant, or recessive? recessive (B) Using a Punnett square, show how a mating of two brown-eyed people could produce a blue-eyed child. B
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Anthro 7 Practice MT 2 - (1) According to Darwin's theory,...

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