Molecular Geometry and Hybridization

Molecular Geometry and Hybridization - For sp 2...

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Molecular Geometry Van Koppen/Offen Procedure : draw Lewis Structure, determine Steric Number (SN), Molecular Geometry and Hybridization SN = # of atoms bonded to the central atom plus # of lone pairs on the central atom (SN = the effective number of electron pairs surrounding a central atom). Note : If one s and one p orbital hybridize, they form two sp hybrid orbitals. The number of orbitals is always conserved.
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Unformatted text preview: For sp 2 hybridization, one s and two p orbitals are hybridized to form three equivalent sp 2 hybrid orbitals. The steric number (SN) is equal to the number of hybrid orbitals formed . Note also that a double bond consists of one -bond and one -bond and a triple bond consists of one -bond and two -bonds. What is the difference between -bonds and -bonds?...
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