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exam 2A key - Chemistry 1C, Exam 2 May 21, 2008 First...

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Chemistry 1C, Exam 2 First letter of your last name: _________ May 21, 2008 FORM A Name ( last, first ): _____________________________________________ Perm #: ____________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: All cell phones and portable electronic devices must be turned off for the duration of the exam. SCANTRON FORM: Use a PENCIL 1) write you name on the form (front and back) 2) Bubble in FORM A 3) Bubble in your Perm number (7 digits only) An information page is provided separately. No other notes or books are allowed. There are 5 pages and 21 questions. Each multiple choice question is worth 1 point. Turn in the exam and Scantron form. Cubic-boron nitride (c-BN) is made by heating BH 3 NH 3 to high temperatures, releasing 3 equivalents of H 2 in the process. c-BN exhibits a thermal conductivity similar to diamond. Its band gap is also similar to that of diamond (5.5 eV). 1. Which of the following statements is true? a) BH 3 NH 3 obeys the octet rule b) BH 3 NH 3 does not obey the octet rule c) BH 3 NH 3 has no dipole moment d) BH 3 NH 3 is paramagnetic e) BH 3 NH 3 is a semiconductor 2. c-BN is what type of solid? a) covalent network b) metallic c) ionic d) molecular e) paramagnetic 3. Based on its similarity with diamond, c-BN is a: a) p-type semiconductor b) n-type semiconductor c) metallic conductor d) insulator e) i-type (undoped) semiconductor 1
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4. When a substance melts, what are the signs of Δ H and Δ S?
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exam 2A key - Chemistry 1C, Exam 2 May 21, 2008 First...

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