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Spring 2008 1 ESM 222 Fate and Transport of Pollutants Problem Set #2 Due: Wednesday 04/23/08 (bring to class) 1) Mass Balance Calculation (25 points) You receive a sample from a contaminated site in a sealed bottle. The bottle contains 150 mL air and 810 mL water at 20 o C. Suspended in the water are 260 mg of sediments with a density of 1,800 kg/m3 and an organic fraction, f oc , of 0.70 (these values were obtained via testing of uncontaminated particles). You take a very, very small sample (10 µ l using a syringe, small enough to be insignificant in the calculations) of the water phase, and analyze it to find that the concentration of PCP (pentachlorophenol) in the water is 0.294 mg/L. You are asked to calculate the concentration in the air and in the sediments, as well as the total mass of PCP in the sample. Obtain the properties from Watts. Use the following steps:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Calculate C sat a and K H (Henry’s constant) in dimensionless form. 2. Since you know the actual concentration in the water, calculate the actual concentration in the air using K H . 3. Using Karickhoff’s formula, calculate K d (the water-solids partitioning coefficient) and then use it to calculate the actual concentration in the sediments. 4. You now know the concentration in all 3 phases. Use the mass balance to calculate the total mass of PCP in the sample. 5. Calculate the fraction of the mass that is in each phase (air, water, sediments). 6. If these sediments are representative of a contaminated zone containing 10 metric tons (10,000 kg) of sediments, how much PCP is present in the sediments? 2) Mass balance problem 4.5 in Watts (20 points) 3) Sorption problem 5.23 in Watts (10 points)...
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