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ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE Volume 20, Number 5, 2003 © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Introduction Emerging Contaminants in Water 387 A T FIRST , we were uncomfortable with this title be- cause it sounded as if we were describing a group of compounds that were in the process of actively mov- ing from one medium to another. Upon further consider- ation, we became convinced of the suitability of our title. According to the American Heritage Dictionary , “emerging” means, “newly formed or just coming into prominence.” During the past decade, a variety of water contaminants have indeed become much more prominent in the minds of environmental engineers and scientists. To provide readers of Environmental Engineering Science with a better understanding of the newest group of emerging water contaminants, we asked recognized leaders in the field to review the sources, behavior, and treatment of eight different individual or families of emerging contaminants. In particular, we wanted to ad- dress questions such as: Why do new water contaminants emerge? How can we better anticipate the next set of emerging contaminants? What common themes do we encounter among the emerging water contaminants? The papers in this issue illustrate how the intersection of sensitive new analytical techniques, modern industrial products, and improved understanding of science and engineering lead to the emergence of new contaminants. To emphasize the connections between the different
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