hw_2 - ME 125NT Intro to Nanotechnology Due: 4/15/2008...

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ME 125NT Intro to Nanotechnology Due: 4/15/2008 1 Essay 1: Tackle one of the questions on page 19 of the book (re-written here for your convenience) in a 500-2500 word essay. Again the point of this essay is to just explore the world and stigmas created by nanotechnology. Please have at least 3 references for your essay, which can be personal communication with someone in the field, websites, articles, books, etc…. Questions include: a. How will the military use nanotechnology? b. How might pervasive, undetectable surveillance affect our privacy? c. Might nanotechnology be used in acts of mass terror? d. How do we safeguard workers from potentially dangerous fabrication processes? e. How will our attempts to better our bodies with nanotechnology affect later generations and society as a whole? f. Who will define what is ethical about nanotechnology? g. Who will regulate nanotechnology? h. Should we limit research in areas that could be dangerous, even if this prevents beneficial technologies from being developed as well? i. How will the benefits (financial, health, military, etc…) of nanotechnology be distributed among the world’s nations? j. To what extent will the public be involved in decision making? Legislators? Scientists? Businesspeople? k. Will nanotechnology reduce the need for human workers and cause unemployment? l. How will intellectual property (patents) be handled? m. Who will profit from nanotech innovations? Universities? Businesses? Individuals? Problem 1:
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hw_2 - ME 125NT Intro to Nanotechnology Due: 4/15/2008...

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