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Sheet1 Page 1 ExoticSpecies These data are from Dalmazzone (2000), a draft version of which is available online at http://www.soc.uoc.gr/calendar/2000E A CountryName of the country AreaArea of the country in square kilometers NativesNumber of native plant species in the country AliensNumber of exotic plant species in the country IslandIs the country an island (1=yes, 0=no)? GDPPer-capita Gross Domestic Product, in dollars M_importsMerchandise imports as percentage of GDP
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Unformatted text preview: DutiesImport duties as a percentage of imports AgrAgricultural land area as a percentage of total area PasturePasture land area as a percentage of total area Pop_densNumber of people per square kilometer ContinentName of continent in which the country is located Prop_exotic:Aliens/(Aliens + Natives) - calculated Dalmazzone, S. 2000. Economic Factors Affecting Vulnerability to Biological Invasions. Pp 17-30 in Perrings C., M. Williamso n...
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