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MicroExam 5 - Micro-Exam 5 ESM 206C Spring 2008 Once you...

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Micro-Exam 5 ESM 206C Spring 2008 Once you read this file, you should cease discussing the assignment with your group project members, and you may not ask for help from your peers. Your solution is due to Heather by 4 PM on Monday, June 9. Please email her or put a hard copy of your answers in her mailbox. Good luck!
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Use what you have learned in this course to plan a statistical data analysis for your group project. This may be applied to data you already have or to data you are expecting to get or collect this summer. If you are in the unfortunate situation of having a data-free project, analyze data you wish you could get (in other words, an analysis that would help your project, but that you are not going to be able to do). If you are a second year student, don’t repeat an analysis already in your project report: instead describe an analysis that you would like to have done, but didn’t have time; or a better way you would have done the existing analysis now that you have the tools from this class.
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