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Rules for Formal Charges

Rules for Formal Charges - Rules Governing Formal Charge 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Rules Governing Formal Charge 1. To calculate the funnal charge on an atom: - Talc: t1]: sum at that Jun: pair clcctmns and ant-half of d1: shared clcctmns. This is thc' numb-tr of vultnc: tltctrnns assigntd to a given atom in H1: molxult. Ir Subtract thc number DE assigned clmtmns from fin: numhcr of valence clac— tmna an the frat, mantra] atom no obtain 11]“: fur-[I131 charge. 2.. The sum of the formal charges of all atoms in a given molecule or inn must equal the overall charge on that: species. 3. If nannquivalent Lewis Structures artist fur a speciw cuntainjng wand—raw atoms, Hume with farmal charges 1:103:51: tr} zeru and with any negaflue formal charges an tl'u: must cltctruncgativc atoms an: [unsidcr-Dd to beat describ: thc handing in H1: molecule: 01' ion. ...
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