ESM 211 Syllabus 2008

ESM 211 Syllabus 2008 - ESM 211: Applied Population Ecology...

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ESM 211: Applied Population Ecology Winter 2008 MW 8:30-9:45 Bren Hall 1424 Instructor : Bruce Kendall 4514 Bren Hall x7539 Office Hours : Wednesdays, 10-12 Course Web Page: Population Viability Analysis (PVA) is the quantitative assessment of the extinction risk of a rare species (or an isolated population of a species). PVA comprises a suite of population models that allow us to take biological information (habitat requirements, birth & death rates, population size) and make predictions about future population sizes. Similar techniques can also be used for managing harvested species and invasive species, but the theory and applications are best developed for conservation problems. Thus the theory, practice, interpretation and presentation of PVA will be the focus of the course. Objectives : I would like you to come out of this class with a thorough understanding of population monitoring programs: study design, data collection, data analysis how to design population models from qualitative biological information how to parameterize population models how to use the population model to project the fate of the population under various management scenarios, and identify management actions that are most likely to be effective how to cope with variability and uncertainty in all of the above how to link the output of population models to management decision-making and social optimization tools. You should emerge from the course with a toolbox that allows you to do population viability analysis, especially in conservation applications; and an understanding and collection of rules-of-thumb that will allow you to quickly assess technical reports or
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ESM 211 Syllabus 2008 - ESM 211: Applied Population Ecology...

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