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1 ESM 260 APPLIED MARINE ECOLOGY - Winter 2008 Reading List SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES # - available as hard copies in Bren reference library only. Make your own a copy (if need be) but make sure not all copies leave the reference room. E-copies of all other papers will be posted on the ESM 260 website. Ecological Dynamics 1. Power, M. 1990. Effects of fish in river food webs. Science 250: 811-814. 2. Hughes, T.P. 1994. Catastrophes, phase shifts, and the large-scale degradation of a Caribbean reef. Science 265: 1547-1551. Ecological Baselines 3. Jackson, J.B.C. et al. 2001. Historical overfishing and the collapse of marine ecosystems. Science 293: 629-638 4. Lotze, H.K et al . 2006. Depletion, degradation, and recovery of estuaries and coastal seas. Science 312: 1806-1809 5. Pandolfi et al . 2003. Global trajectories of the long-term decline of coral reef ecosystems. Science 301: 955-958. 6. Steneck et al . 2002. Kelp forest ecosystems: biodiversity, stability, resilience and future. Environmental Conservation 29: 436–459. Dispersal and Recruitment 7. Roughgarden, J. et al . 1988 – Recruitment dynamics in complex life cycles. Science 241: 1460-1466. 8. # Underwood, A.J. and M.J. Keough. 2001. Supply-side ecology: The nature and consequences of variations in recruitment of intertidal organisms. Pp. 183-200. In Text # 3 listed on Syllabus. Hard copies
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ESM_260_Reading_list - ESM 260 APPLIED MARINE ECOLOGY...

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