eas 122 chap 2 - CHAPTER 2 TERM DEFINITIONS Acre feet-a...

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CHAPTER 2 TERM DEFINITIONS Acre feet—a measure of water colume where 1 acre of surface is covered 1 ft deep. An acre is about 90% of the area between the goal lines on a football field Actualism—using the actual processes operating on Earth today to interpret the past; not inventing unrecognized processes to explain the past Albedo—the reflectively of a body; for the Earth, how much solar radiation is reflected back to space Astroid—stony or metallic mass that orbits the sun Asthenosphere—the layer of the erath below the lithosphere in which isostatic adjustments take place. The rocks here deform readily and flow slowly. Atmosphere—the gaseous envelope around the earth, compsed chiefly of nitrogen and ocygen. The average weight of the atmosphere on the earth’s surface about 14.7 lb/in2. BCE—before the common era. Equivalent to BC. Brittle—behavior of material where stress causes abrupt fracture. Buoyancy—the quality of being able to float, usually on water or rock. Calorie—the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade at a pressure of 1 atmosphere Centrigrade—a temperature scale that divides the interval between the freezing and boiling points of water into 100o. Conversion from the Fahrenheit scale is by C = 5/9 (F-23) Chondrite—a stony meteorite characterized by presence of a small rounded grains or spherules Comet—icy bodies moving through outer space Conduction—transfer of heat downward or inward through material by communication of kinetic energy from particle to particle Continent—lower density masses of rock, exposed as about 40% of the earth’s surface: 29% as land and 11 % as the floor of shallow seas Convection—a process of heat transfer where hot material at depth rises upward due to its lower
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eas 122 chap 2 - CHAPTER 2 TERM DEFINITIONS Acre feet-a...

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