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Final_Guide_08 - Final Preparation Guide(Chem 111 Spring...

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Final Preparation Guide (Chem 111, Spring 2008) The final will test your knowledge and understanding of all the topics and techniques that we have covered in this class. Your three recommended study sources are the textbook(s), the posted tutorials, and the notes that you took in the class. Some of the posted tutorials were used as my lecture notes and I expect that you know all the background material presented there. Others demonstrated how to solve kinetics problems with Mathematica ; you do not need to know the mathematical details of these solutions by heart. Below is a list of important topics that we have covered since the second midterm. Please consult Midterm Guides for other important topics that you should know. NMR: principles and applications a. Basic principles of NMR, spin and the resonance phenomenon b. Shielding and NMR chemical shifts c. NMR as a tool to study kinetics of slow reactions d. Vector model to describe NMR e.
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