DrugDesignTopics_07 - 6 Jennifer Gerasimov “A...

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Drug Design Student Poster Session Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCSB Chemistry Breezeway, 12:00-1:30 on Friday, March 16, 2007 ±±±± #1 Brian Bolt “New aptamers for improved specificity toward VEGF165 for age related macular degeneration” ±±±±± # 2 Victoria Coles “Sphingomyelinase inhibitor: a new drug to treat heart disease” ±±±± # 3 Elaine Delorimier “Inactivationg transglutaminase: A proposal to resist coagulation in Huntington ʹ s disease.” ±±±± # 4 Robert Dwiggins “Analysis of nM BACE 1 Inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimers ʹ s disease” ±±±±± # 5 Jeffrey Frazier “Sigma 1 receptor agonists as treatments for methamphetamine and cocaine dependence”
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Unformatted text preview: # 6 Jennifer Gerasimov “A proteomimetic approach to MS: disrupting integrin ‐ cellular adhesion molecule interactions” ±±±±± # 7 Matthew Greer “Discovery for a medical treatment of multiple sclerosis by alteration of the osteopontin pathway” ±±±±± # 8 Anthony Guerrero “Pharmacophore study of modern drugs for seasonal rhinitis” ±±±±± # 9 Steven Jeffeson “Searching for a Hepatitis C drug through the inhibition of the NS3 serine protease” ±±±±± # 10 Kory Plakos “NAD + ‐ dependent DNA ligase: a validated target for the development of new antibiotics” ±±±±± # 11 Istvan Szabo “Fatty acid amide hydrolase: inhibition and analgesia”...
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DrugDesignTopics_07 - 6 Jennifer Gerasimov “A...

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