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syllabus - develop their proposal Topics by week Problem...

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ESM 401A Masters Group Project Tuesday 12:30-1:45, Spring 2008; Bren Hall 1414 Instructor: Christina Tague ( [email protected] ) x8579 The Group Project is a core component of the Bren Master’s Program. ESM 401A is required course to be taken by students in the 3 rd quarter of the program as they begin to work on their Group Project. The course is designed to guide students in the development of a comprehensive and detailed proposal for their chosen project. The course will also provides support for the group project process by offering training on project management, group dynamics and working with clients. The course will cover project framing and scoping, clarifying and articulating precise objectives, literature review and background research and justifying and outlining methods and a project work plan. Each week, groups will have opportunity to obtain feedback from peers and the instructor as they
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Unformatted text preview: develop their proposal. Topics by week Problem statement; Brainstorming session Group dynamics (Cathy Ramus) In class critique of problem statement; Doris Duke Fellows on group dynamics Communication and negotiation with clients; Final problem statement due Project information management (Freemind); Parts of a Proposal; Literature review basics In class critique of outline of literature review; Levels of editing, Methods basics In class method outline critique; Discussion of sample proposals; Literature review detailed outline due; In class critique of method outline; Project Management (guest speaker) Presentation of proposals; Peer critique; Detailed method outline due Presentation of proposals; Peer critique; Final proposal draft due following week...
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