Esty - Key Environmental Metrics Environmental Outcome...

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Unformatted text preview: Key Environmental Metrics Environmental Outcome Basic Metrics Energy — Energy used —-— Renewable energy used or bought Water — TOtal water used w Water pollution Air — Greenhouse gas emissions — ReleaSes of heavy metals and toxic chemicals — Emissions of particulates, VOCS, 50x, and NOX Waste —-— Hazardous waste ' +~ Solid waste _ Recycled materials Compliance — Notices of Violations «— Fines or penalties paid Identifying Environmental Risk Sample Questions to Help Identify Environmental Risk Value Chain Phase Company —~ How big is our environmental footprint? Operations —— What resources are we most dependent on (energy, water, materials), and how much do we use? —-— What emissions do we release into the air or water? ~— How do we dispose of waste? —* How up-to-date is our environmental management system? »—~ What are our chances of a spill, leak, or release of hazardous materials? _ —— Have others in our industry had problems? —— What local, state, federal, or international regulations apply to our business? 'Are we in full compliance? Are these requirements gettingtighter? fl Upstream *— What resources are our suppliers most dependent on? Are they abundant or constrained, now and in the near future? —— Do our suppliers pollute? Do they meet all applicable laws? Will legal requirements get tighter for them? ' —-— What substances go into the products suppliers sell to us? Are they toxic? fl Downstream F How much energy (or water or other resources) does our product require customers to uSe? —— Are there hazardous substanCes in our products? — What do customers do with our products when they are done with them? What would happen if we were required to take the products back? / ...
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Esty - Key Environmental Metrics Environmental Outcome...

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