Cell structure and Morphology

Cell structure and Morphology - cluster chain pairs and...

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Cell structure and Morphology I Bacteria function and growth Bacillus megaterium 1.5 x 4 micrometers Escherichia coli 1 x 3 micrometers Streptoccoccus pneumoniae 0.8 micrometers diameter Haemophilus influenzae 0.25 x 1.2 micrometers Oscillatoria ( a cyanobacterium)8 x 50 micrometers II Bacteria shapes- - Coccus spherical bacteria (cocci plural) can be in a
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Unformatted text preview: cluster, chain, pairs, and single coccus- Rod cylindrical shape ( Bacillus) can be in a chain or single rod- Spirillum - Spirochete- Hypha- Stalk III Cell membrane composition and differentiation IV Cell wall composition ( bacteria vs. Archaea ) VI Lysozyme V Teichoic acid...
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