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University of California at Santa Barbara Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management ESM 274, Competitive Advantage Strategies for Environmental Innovation Winter, 2008 Instructor: Professor Gary Libecap (4412 Bren Hall) Class: MW 8:30-9:45 (Bren 1510). Prof. Libecap’s office hours : MW, 10:00-11:00 and by appointment. Email: [email protected] , phone 893-8611 Introduction : In this class we will examine the competitive forces that an organization launching environmental innovations considers in devising strategies for entrepreneurial success. We will begin with an overview of entrepreneurship in the society as a key for addressing environmental and resource problems. Then we will turn to the business planning process and show how competitive strategies are blended within the marketing, operations, competitive analysis, and financial portions of the plan. We will consider technology or product benefits to society and the firm, industry and competitor analysis, production processes and nature of input supplies, identification of target markets and consumer response. The class material will be presented within the context of student plans—group projects. Students will work in teams and present competitor, market, financials, and contingency analyses. There will be weekly written assignments and presentations. The final product is a draft business plan outline incorporating the material covered in class. Readings . Most readings will be available either through required text books, reserve reading, or via downloads. Assignments . Students are required to be ready to discuss the readings used for each class. There will a combination of lectures, student projects, and outside presentations. Grading will be based on group assignments and presentations and the final project. Grading . 50% group work and 50% final project. Honor Code and Joint Work.
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274syllabus1 - University of California at Santa Barbara...

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