Dates - study. Bren Spring Quarter 2007 Deadlines May 13...

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For next week May 6: Please email to Priya (before class) a revision of your problem statement and a 3-page literature review. Literature review should be used to set up your proposal – why is this proposal worth doing – why is it relevant to society, to the client? Has this already been done? What information is there in the literature that suggest a new opportunity – and that your proposal is likely to lead to useful results (and can actually be done) – are there examples of similar/related studies or analysis that show potential? You should include as many references as you can – in places where you are still looking for reference material to back-up your statement – note that. For example of literature reviews, ask your advisor for a proposal in an area similar to yours. Pay attention to how papers that you read use literature to build a case for your
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Unformatted text preview: study. Bren Spring Quarter 2007 Deadlines May 13 Preliminary Proposal (5 pgs – Intro, Problem Statement, Literature Review, Methods/Approach) May 20 Critique of Peer Proposal (1pg) Fri. May 23 Draft of Project Proposal due to Faculty Advisors .But earlier if advised by advisor Before Proposal Review Final Project Proposal must be completed before holding the Proposal Review (distribute to participants in advance) Fri. June 6 Project Proposal Reviews must be completed Fri. June 6 Website created and up to date Fri. June 6 Relay results (this is not an official report) on Proposal Review due to advisors Fri. June 6 Submit Self/Peer Evaluations to Corlei Prieto, Group Project Coordinator (form on website)...
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Dates - study. Bren Spring Quarter 2007 Deadlines May 13...

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