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Economics 387L. Macroeconomics II. Spring 2008. Department of Economics, University of Texas Professor: Dean Corbae, O ce: BRB 3.134A, Phone: 512-475-8530 Email: [email protected], web: O ce hours: Friday, 9-10:30am Teaching Fellows: Bulent Guler, e-mail:[email protected], O ce hrs: Monday, 1-2:30, O ce: BRB 3.120, Martin Dumav, e-mail:[email protected], O ce hrs: Wednesday, 1-2:30pm, O ce: BRB 3.128. Review Sessions: Friday 11-12:30pm, BRB1.118. Syllabus This class will be organized around trying to answer the following ques- tion. What is the optimal (labor, capital, and in f ation) tax in industrial economies? It will use a simple benchmark environment to answer the ques- tion; a representative agent growth model. For certain variants of the ques- tion, we may need a richer environment. We will often use recursive methods, which will prove useful when you try to solve hard problems on the computer or when you apply game theory (in particular, subgame perfection) to prob- lems where the government cannot commit to a given policy. There will be a midterm (40%) and F nal(60%),aswellasweeklyproblem sets and computer assignments (P/F-you are allowed one F and after that your grade falls by one place). It is university policy that no professor is obli- gated to provide a makeup exam unless the student provides documentation that he/she could not have been present at the time of the exam due to such events as hospitalization or presence at the funeral of an immediate family member. The following texts will be helpful. (L-S) Ljungqvist, L. and T. Sargent. 2004. Recursive Macroeconomic Theory . Cambridge: MIT Press. Second Edition. (ISBN 0-262-12274-X) (S-L) Stokey, N. and R. Lucas. 1989. Recursive Methods in Economic Dynamics . Cambridge: Harvard University Press. (ISBN 0-674-75096-9) Youshou ldtreatL -Sasbackgroundontheart ic
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I. A look at the data Tools: Filters, Reduced form VARs and Structural VMAs, Identi f cation. L-S, Ch. 2. 1. Blanchard, O.J. and D. Quah (1989) “The Dynamic E
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sylutmacro2sp08 - Economics 387L Macroeconomics II Spring...

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