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Name: First Quiz Average Score: 18.195652 Number of Attempts: 46 Number of Graded Attempts: 46 Number of Attempts Needing Grading: 0 Instructions: Question 1 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.8 points The rought or granular endoplasmic reticulum is associated with: Correct Answers Percent Answered Cell division 2.2% protein synthesis 80.4% energy production 4.3% packaging materials for transport 13.0% Unanswered <0.0% Question 2 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.91 points Which one of the organelles is the site of the citric acid cycle? Correct Answers Percent Answered Mitochondria 91.299995% Lysosomes 2.2% Centrioles 2.2% Endoplasmic reticulum 4.3% Unanswered <0.0% Question 3 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.09 points What is not true about DNA Correct Answers Percent Answered Contains phosphoric acid 50.0% constains deoxyribose as a sugar 17.4% is a double helices of nucleotides and a protein core (histones) 8.7% Does not have uracil as one of the bases 23.9% Unanswered <0.0% Question 4 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.96 points The sequence of bases on one strand of DNA is AGCTTACG. What would be the sequence of bases of its complementary strand within a DNA double helix?
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Correct Answers Percent Answered GCTAGCTA 2.2% ATGCCTAG 2.2% TCGTACGA 0.0% TCGAATGC 95.700005% Unanswered <0.0% Question 5 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.85 points The liver develops from the germ layer known as: Correct Answers Percent Answered ectoderm 2.2% mesoderm 10.9% endoderm 84.799995% hypoderm 2.2% Unanswered <0.0% Question 6 Multiple Choice Average Score 0.61 points Mitosis Correct Answers Percent Answered Is the same as meiosis except that it occurs in somatic cells 23.9% results in a reduction of chromosomes numbers by one-half (haploid) while still in the reproductive systems of the male and female. 15.2%
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Answer_quiz___1 - Name Average Score Number of Attempts...

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