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5L* ?} #)?@4 U ,^ * Mh 4 L_i*t M) @ i| L_ Lu N?_i|ih4 ?i_ Li U i?|t w@ hi?Ui a h t| @?L Lh| it|ih? N? iht |)c 6i_ih@* +itih i @?! Lu U@}Lc @?_ ,+ a *)c 2ff ,ALMK@BM L suhvhqw dq xqghwhuplqhg frh flhqwv phwkrg iru rewdlqlqj d olqhdu dssur{lpdwlqj wr wkh vroxwlrq ri d fodvv ri g|qdplf/ udwlrqdo h{shfwdwlrqv prghov1 L dovr vkrz krz wkdw vroxwlrq fdq eh xvhg wr frpsxwh d prgho*v lpsolfdwlrqv iru lpsxovh uhvsrqvh ixqfwlrqv dqg iru vhfrqg prphqwv1 MHO Fodvvl fdwlrq= F9/ F96/ F9; L dp judwhixo wr Grq Vfkodjhqkdxi iru h{whqvlyh glvfxvvlrqv1 L kdyh dovr ehqh wwhg iurp glvfxvvlrqv zlwk Plfkhooh Doh{rsrxorv dqg Mrqdv Ilvkhu1 L wkdqn Khqu| Vlx dqg Ylfwru Ydoglyld iru klv dvvlvwdqfh lq suhsdulqj h{dpsoh 8 dqg Fkulvwrskhu Jxvw iru srlqwlqj rxw dq huuru lq dq hduolhu gudiw1 L dp judwhixo iru wkh vxssruw ri d Qdwlrqdo Vflhqfh Irxqgdwlrq judqw wr wkh Qdwlrqdo Exuhdx ri Hfrqrplf Uhvhdufk1 Vriwzduh iru grlqj doo wkh fdofxodwlrqv ghvfulehg lq wklv sdshu lv dydlodeoh rq wkh dxwkru*v krph sdjh1
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 W?|hL_ U| L? A t T@Tih _itUh Mit @ 4i| L_ uLh tL* ?} @ t)t|i4 Lu * ?i@h i TiU|@| L?@* _ gih i?Ui i^ @| L?t A i L |T | Lu | i 4i| L_ t @ uii_M@U! h *i hi*@| ?} | i U hhi?| Tih L_ i?_L}i?L t @h @M*it |L @ ti| Lu t|@|i @h @M*it A i 4i| L_c @ 4@|h iht L? Lu | i ?_i|ih4 ?i_ ULi U i?|t 4i| L_ _itUh Mi_ ? h t| @?L Ebbc TTi?_ c @t Mii? ti_ i |i?t i*) ? @TT* U@| L?t ihi | i i TiU|@| L?@* _ u uihi?Ui i^ @| L?t ULhhitTL?_ |L | i * ?i@h 3i_ , *ih i^ @| L?t Lu _)?@4 U h@| L?@* i TiU|@| L?t 4L_i*t  W| t @ M*i?_ Lu | i ?_i|ih4 ?i_ ULi U i?|t 4i| L_ _i tUh Mi_ ? U @** 4 EbH @?_ | i @TThL@U Lu *@?U @h_ @?_ k@ ? EbHf Etii @*tL k ?}c *Lttih @?_ +iMi*L EbH. 2 iU@ ti | i 4i| L_ uLU tit L? , *ih i^ @| L?tc | t ?L| * 4 |i_ |L 4L_i*t Lti tL* | L? U@? Mi i Thitti_ @t | i tL * | L? |L @ T*@?? ?} ThLM*i4 A tc | U@? @?_*i 4L_i*t | |@ @?_ L| ih _ t|Lh| L?t _ t| ?} t ?} U @h@U|ih t| U Lu | i 4i| L_ t | @| | U@? i@t *) @UUL44L_@|i @ U*@tt Lu 4L_i*t ? U _ gihi?| | 4i | i?_L}i?L t @h @M*it @hi M@ti_ L? _ u uihi?| ?uLh4@| L? ti|t A t U*@tt Lu 4L_i*t ?U* _it * 4 |i_ T@h| U T@| L? 4L_i*t Lu 4L?i)c 4L_i*t Lu *@MLh L@h_ ?} @?_ 4L_i*t | t| U!) Th Uit A i h@?}i Lu @TT* U@| L?t t ?L| * 4 |i_ |L | iti 4L_i*tc L i ih A i 4i| L_ U@? @? _*i @?) 4L_i* U _Lit ?L| @ i LUU@t L?@**) M ?_ ?} ?i^ @* |) UL?t|h@ ?|t e 6Lh i @4T*ic @? i U | ?} hiUi?| _i i*LT4i?| ? 4@UhLiUL?L4 Ut t | i t| _) Lu }i?ih@* i^ * Mh 4 4L_i*t | i|ihL}i?i |) t }? €U@?| Mhi@!| hL } ? | i 4 D vhohfwlrq ri sdshuv zklfk dsso| wkh phwkrg lqfoxghv Doh{rsrxorv +4<<:,/ Fkdul/ Fkulvwldqr dqg Hlfkhqedxp +4<<8,/ Fkdul/ Nhkrh dqg PfJudwwdq +4<<9,/ Fkulvwldqr +4<<4,/ Fkulvwldqr dqg Hlfkhqedxp +4<<5/ 4<<8,/ Fkulvwldqr/ Hlfkhqedxp dqg Hydqv +4<<:d,/ Fkulvwldqr dqg Ilvkhu +4<<;,/ Ilvkhu +4<<:,/ Jxvw +4<<:, dqg Vfkodjhqkdxi dqg Zudvh +4<<8,1 5 Iru dqrwkhu dssurdfkh/ vhh Xkolj +4<<:,1 6 Wkh olplwhg sduwlflsdwlrq prghov L kdyh lq plqg lqfoxgh wkrvh lq Fkdul/ Fkulvwldqr dqg Hlfkhqedxp +4<<8,/ Fkulvwldqr +4<<4,/ Fkulvwldqr dqg Hlfkhqedxp +4<<5,/ Fkulvwldqr/ Hlfkhq0 edxp dqg Hydqv +4<<:d,/ Ixhuvw +4<<5, dqg Vfkodjhqkdxi dqg Zudvh +4<<8,/ lq zklfk d qdqfldo ghflvlrq e| krxvhkrogv lv pdgh sulru wr wkh uhdol}dwlrq ri wkh fxuuhqw shulrg vkrfnv/ exw rwkhu ghflvlrqv duh pdgh diwhuzdug1 Oderu krduglqj prghov lqfoxgh wkrvh ri Exuqvlgh dqg Hlfkhqedxp +4<<9, dqg Exuqvlgh/ Hlfkhqedxp dqg Uhehor +4<<6,/ lq zklfk wkh qxpehu ri shrsoh zrunlqj lv ghwhuplqhg sulru wr wkh uhdol}dwlrq ri d fxuuhqw shulrg vkrfn/ zkloh wkh lqwhqvlw| zlwk zklfk wkh| zrun lv ghflghg diwhuzdug1 Rwkhu h{dpsohv lqfoxgh vwlfn| sulfh prghov lq zklfk dw ohdvw vrph
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This note was uploaded on 08/06/2008 for the course ECON 387 taught by Professor Corbae during the Spring '07 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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LChrist - 5L*?} #)?@4U ,^*Mh4 L_i*t M) @ i|L_ Lu...

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